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HUNU Cup – HUNU Collapsible Coffee Cup

Travelling gives us a total refreshment. Lot of peoples, make themselves busy on planning of a tour, some of them continuously searching for best places to visit. It may be within country or may be in foreign. Hill or sea, which is best? These are the two debatable topic for tour lover. During travel we need to carry some essential items. Like portable stove for cooking, tent, advance gadgets, thermo-flux and so many items.

At morning a hot cup of tea or coffee will give you ultimate refreshment. During travelling we also find some hot tea or coffee on the way. But it not possible to get any shop or carry tea or coffee for a long time and up to then it may not possible to get in hot condition.

So, for you I will tell you an excellent product, you carry it anywhere. You get your drinks in hot condition for a long time. This is HUNU Collapsible cup. In this article I will discuss about this product. You will get to know about specification, feature, price and other information.

Where are you going? In a day outing? Out of station? Night Camping? Hiking? Or cycling? The ultimate acceptance of HUNU cup is that it can fits in all espresso based drinks from Cappuccinos to Flat Whites and Latter’s. However HUNU cup is not just for coffee! From morning tea to night party wine, you can use this cup for anything that needs as it.

The prime advantages of using HUNU collapsible cup is collapsible, perfect fit anywhere, leak proof as you looking for. This cup is “Bis-phenol A” (BPA) free product. This BPA is harmful for our health. Most of the plastic industry is using BPA. So, every time while purchasing a plastic product, keep in mind this thing. The base material of this cup is used with world’s safest grade silicon rubber and this cup is slim enough to fit any smallest pocket or bag.

HUNU Cup Review

This unique cup is a designed product from London. The most advantages to use this cup are collapsible, reusable, which make favorable to use over single use of plastic cup and disposable coffee cups. It can fold down to small enough size, so that it can fit in to even tightest pocket. This cup is so perfect that you can carry around the city or to use it as a travel Mug. This cup is a lightweight with high durability.


It is leak proof cup and this design will allow you to carry HUNU cup in your pocket in folded condition also. This cup is perfect for coffee any time anywhere you are traveling. The hole in the lid has a rubber strap, which tightly holds the lid in place. The lid is made with solid plastic and perfectly fit with the cup.

What are key features of HUNU Cup

A) Collapsible HUNU Coffee cup:

How much size of this cup can reduced? Any idea? This cup can folds down to just 2 cm or 0.75 inch. HUNU cup is ultra-compact and small enough that it can fit to your pocket or bag. It can be used for any liquid like coffee, tea, wine or just about any liquid you might need a cup.

B) This CUP is Ultra-portable, durable and leak proof travel Mug:

If you fold it down and plugged closed this cup then it will be fully leak proof that means no more leftover coffee will present in your tight pocket or travel bag. The design of the HUNU collapsible cup is best for the outing as a backpacking cup or for anyone looking for a best quality of reusable cups with a perfectly fitted lid.

C) What is the material used? Food grade certified BPA free:

This cup is completely free from “Bis-Phenol A”, toxins and all the sorts of other nasty chemicals. This cup meet the criteria of the highest world standards for food safety. It’s not like a cheaper plastic cup. The material is used here a high grade silicone rubber from which any ingredients won’t be leached out into your drinks.

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D) Advance design to fit into your daily lifestyle:

From a quick trip to the coffee shop to a run around the beautiful city or a long cycling, from running through the airport to an off-grid long trip, the HUNU cup is designed to make it compact enough to be with you whenever you need it. Use your HUNU cup for your early morning coffee, as a camping cup or even for wine in your night party! No more single use of HUNU cup. Just wash it and it is ready for reuse.

E) Totally sustainable and durable HUNU cup:

You can use HUNU cup in multiple time. Silicon rubber highly heat resistance, oil resistance, and chemical resistance. Because of the so many advantages of using silicon rubber, company used this as a base material in HUNBU cup. This cup is made with a durable food grade silicon which can withstand microwave, low temperature freezer and dishwasher. It fits perfectly into a zero waste lifestyle and makes it easy to be sustainable.

F) Non Toxic and bis-phenol A (BPA) Free:

As a drink will used in this cup, so this would be no harmful chemical used. HUNU cup is totally BPA free, toxins and all sorts of other nasty chemicals. HUNU cups are both FDA and LFGB certified that means it meet the top most standards for food safety.

G) Leak Proof and Easy to Clean:

As you carry this cup during travel, so there should not be any leakage of liquid. This would be major disadvantage of this type of product. The built in plug makes HUNU cup easy to pop your cup back in your pocket after use without worrying about any leaks. The simple design and food grade silicone rubber also helps the HUNU cup easy to clean.


The detail specification of HUNU cup:

Here is detail specification available for your reference-

  • The Package dimensions of this product : 18.29 cm*12.45 cm*2.78cm
  • Total Weight is only 181 grams
  • ASIN No- B088RM39DB
  • Model no- H1C- 8 – CL
  • Colour available- Total four colors are available of this product. These are charcoal, sage green, warm gray and pastel pink.

 HUNU Cup Price

Finally coming to the price of this product. If you want to buy this product, then you have to pay £19.00.

This is all about HUNU cup. You can use this hassle-free. No health hazards will arise.

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