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MOZA Slypod Pro Monopod Review-

While an expert filmmaker express his valuable ideas through a display, an excellent video will comes out to life. Whatever he imagined, got a life. Captured all the excellent moments in a video. It’s a magical power, for the new content creators every-times aim to seize the moment.

But, to shoot up a high quality adventure video so many essential equipment required like – a camera, jib arm, tripod, monopod, drone, camera controller and more.

At the end of the day it will be very easy, if all those functions are combined into one device.

So, the day has come. MOZA developed a unique monopod named “MOZA Slypod Pro” for all content creator, video maker, and film makers. This newly developed monopod redefined into the three-in-one MOZA Slypod Pro. MOZA Slypod Pro is designed with an electric slider and jib arm empowering content creators to captures all the moments of life.

This compact and lightweight monopod helps you to shoot from impossible angles and makes ideas accessible, so filmmakers can go beyond the impossible, unleash their creativity in professional outdoor photography, while traveling, and save lots of space in their studios.

MOZA Slypod Pro Key advantages-

MOZA Slypod Pro is as powerful as any other Monopod

This is not too far away in comparison to the best Slypod available in the market. It is so powerful. This Slypod pro monopod can be expanded up-to 530 mm and with a total length having 1380 mm. MOZA Slypod pro can capture the amazing moments of the world anywhere with a portable motorized slider that can be used as a slider or jib.

Slypod Redefines the Monopod

Moza Slypod pro is your smart electronic camera assistant. It can operate as both motorized slider and extendable arm, allowing you to capture memorable time-lapse photos from any desired angle. Use the powerful and ultra-portable MOZA Slypod Pro for great cinematic shots and videos.

MOZA Slypod Pro Features-

Very Easy to assemble

During travelling and photo shooting time we always prefer that we can assemble our camera and other equipment’s very quickly. MOZA Slypod pro, as the foremost camera partner, has been designed to take care of all settings, eliminating time consuming and complex setup. This allows content creators to focus only on their creativity and never miss an amazing shot.

Macro Photography

Powered by MOZA Slypod pro, you can explore the world in detail using a macro lens and capture objects like insects, plants and food from unique angles and perspectives. The motorized slider allows content creators to move cameras back and forth smoothly and smoothly. The speed can be adjusted within a specific range using the MOZA master app. Imagine the powerful visual impact and masterful video with this technique can bring to your content.

Spinning Shot

With ultimate lightweight portability, MOZA Slypod pro’s JIB arm feature can be used to create rotating shots, which can present the beauty of nature and landscapes in an imaginative way.

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God-like perspective 

MOZA Slypod pro allows videographers to shoot from a high angle to the ground, as if they have a “divine perspective” of the world around us. From this point of view, you are given the omniscient power to see everything from a wider angle and catch every little thing. Likewise, its Jib arm feature can simulate a drone’s sight by shooting from a high angle to a smaller one. Create fabulous scenes without expensive drones or when drones are banned in some scenic spots.

Dynamic Time-lapse

Time-lapse photography, which combines a series of photography taken over a period of time into one film, is one of the most exciting and impressive cinematographic methods. With MOZA Slypod pro, you can!

Place the MOZA Slypod pro horizontally on a tripod, the extension piece can be extended to take photos smoothly and stably from different angles. During grabbing, speed and length can be precisely controlled with our smart yet easy-to-use MOZA MASTER App.

Star Trail Time-lapse

Dolly Shot

Using the slider function, the MOZA Slypod pro can create the famous Dolly Shot, one of the most fantastic shooting techniques that allows you to view scenes from a wider angle with more background, but also captures the audience’s attention by highlighting objects. Important add there engaging scenes to your content to enhance your movies.

Smooth Focusing

Focusing also an important factor to take a nice click. Smooth focusing is one of the prime advantage of MOZA Slypod Pro monopod.

Low-Angle Shots

As I described this part that you can shoot from defined angle you need.

More Creative Ideas To Be Unveiled
Noise Reduction Optimize For All Scenes 

With comparison to the last two generations, MOZA Slypod pro has vastly improved its noise level, which is only 5 decibels during operation. The MOZA Slypod pro is the best creation tool for filming weddings and interviews.

Redefine Motion control with 4-Axis Linkage

A simple app is available to connect Slypod to your smartphone. The MOZA master app allows the Slypod pro to be paired with the MOZA gimbal, providing 4-axis motion control for professional grade creative possibilities.

MOZA Slypod pro can connected through the MOZA master app and your smartphone to capture your valuable movements with variable speed, program movement and more.

Hi-Precesion Motion Control Made Easy

You can experience of ultra-powerful drive motor technology that propels the rover right at your fingertips, with unrivaled 1 mm travel precision and acceleration from 0 to 10000 rpm in just 10 microseconds.

Robust and lightweight

The MOZA Slypod pro’s body is made with carbon fiber which make it an ultra-light and durable. The internal gear motor ensures stable and smooth camera movement. MOZA Slypod pro is compatible with everything from smartphones to large cameras and most gimbals.

Weather Proof Design

We are thankful to the manufacturer for its cleaver mechanical design, this monopod is maintenance-free, protecting the integrated drive system from wind, sand and dust.

Slypod pro is compatible with all types of mirror-less or DSLR cameras, tripods and a wide range of gimbals on the market.

Unlimited Power Supply

The super built-in battery provides up to 4 hours of battery life for the MOZA Slypod pro. It can also be charged from an external power source for continuous shooting. With an improved power source, creativity always comes through.

Optional Accessories for Better Experience

The smart modular design of the MOZA Slypod pro provides versatile compatibility with most camera accessories and motion control system for indoor and outdoor photography. Quick and easy setup lets you get up and running in just few seconds.

Whats in the box-

Let’s check about what are the valuable things available in the box. The following things are coming in the box-

  1. Protective bag
  2. Slypod Pro main body
  3. Tripod
  4. Pan and Tilt Head

MOZA Slypod Pro Specification-

Material of main body – Carbon Fiber

Weight of main body – 1460 gm

Storage length – 650 mm

Maximum expanded length – 1180 mm

Maximum stretched length – 530 mm

Maximum endurance – 90 min

Charging time – 4 hours

Maximum play load – Horizontal: 3.5 kg, Vertical play load: 6 kg

Highest operating speed – 40 mm/s

Package volume – 144 mm*144 mm*926 mm

Package weight – 3.8 kg

MOZA Slypod Pro Price- 

If you want to buy this MOZA Slypod Pro Monopod, you can get this pro product Rs. 36834/- INR Rupees. And MOZA Slypod Pro global market price is $499.

This is all about MOZA Slypod Pro. These detail will be helpful, before buying if you want to get some information. Thank you.

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