OBSBOT Me – Auto Tracking Selfie Phone Mount | AI-Powered | NO APP Required- 2021

OBSBOT Me – Auto Tracking Selfie Phone Mount

We all love to take photos. Many of us has taken it as a profession. A high level of satisfaction will come after shoot a perfect click. For that one a professional photographer can spend a lots of time. Photography industry also improved their technology day by day. Now a day the quality of photo is so improved and perfection has come. Zooming capacity, resolution, clarity, size, battery capacity – these types of small specification they took their concentration to make a camera ultimate product.

One thing is profession and other is passion. Now we all are passionate to take photos. While we are going for an outing, photography is must at that time. Now so many gadgets are available to a perfect moment. These gadgets are not only help up to take a photo, but like vlog, any meeting, videography.

If you need to attain an urgent conference meeting, you are outside of your working station, so you don’t have a laptop with you at that time. So what would be the option at that time? Or, you are going to shoot a vlog video, but no one is with you shoot your video or hold your camera. These are common problems we are facing very much. To solve all this types of issues, “OBSBOT Me” will be the best option for you. It is phone mount with advance features. By using this auto tracking selfie phone mount, all the above problems you can manage very easily.

In this article I will explain you about this “OBSBOT Me” a mobile mount. What are the features, specifications are introduced by the company, and I will give a detail information on these all.


The Best auto tracking ever-

Artificial intelligence technology is now in everywhere in every gadgets. OBSBOT also not missed it. OBSBOT Me uses the most advanced AI technology for well communicating with the photographer. This mobile mount will moved very smoothly, while you shoot the position in front of you. The projected object is always shoot in the center of the video frame. So that you can snap a perfect moment you want. Go muse yourself, whenever inspiration strikes.

Two ways to look onto person:

Instead of adjusting the camera over again and again just to make sure that you are in the picture, with OBSBOT Me, you can keep yourself in the frame by a simple gesture.

Gesture recognition – Put one of your hands up, the camera will recognize you and follow you where you go.


Quick pick- With a simple click, OBSBOT Me will lock onto you.

Sometimes there were no one available to shoot your video. So then there is only one option to shoot your video by own. Earlier we used to take videos with rear camera with our hands only. We know that what video quality was at time. But if you use, OBSBOT Me, then to shoot a video no cameraman is required, you have to just put your hands up or simply press the button on this mobile holder and then will lock onto you and start tracking your all movements.

No special App needed-

There are so many mobile holders are available in the market. Compare to them, one basic advantage to use OBSBOT Me is that no special app required to connect it. Many thanks to the built-in wide angle camera and AI image processor, this phone holder can finish all the tracking algorithms by itself and doesn’t require any extra App or Bluetooth connection. You can connect this mobile holder with your mobile phone, whatever app is install in your mobile.

Universal Joint & Rotatable Holder-

No special arrangement is required to hold it. It is coming with a universal joint and rotatable holder. OBSBOT Me always showing your life from the best angle.

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Dancing Class / Yoga Class-

As I earlier mentioned this mobile holder has so many advantages. You can you it whenever you required. Any online classes like Yoga class, you can easily attained this classes. Just put your mobile in the holder and stay in front of the camera and do your Yoga. This also helpful for the YouTube streaming. Just play the music and enjoy your time.

Vlog Shooting-

Vlog is now a day is so popular trend for video shooting. Peoples are capturing their favorite moments on several topics. Food vlog, travel vlog, daily lifestyle volgs are the most popular topics for vlog. With the help of this gadget to shot a video, you can do entire things by yourself only. You are the cameraman of your vlog. This is the best advantage I found in this gadget. After shoot, you can memorized every spectacular moment.

Conference call-

Now a day in pandemic situation, most of the official activities are conducting through video conference. So, for you, OBSBOT Me will be a good choice for your office meeting. For this one no need install any special app. What are App you are using for conference call, it will perfectly works. You can continue your meeting by using this. Show every achievement at wills, don’t restrain yourself.

Show your life from the best angle-

Capturing videos from different angle, make your videos more attractable. OBSBOT Me is equipped with a universal joint and rotatable holder. So, with the help of these two features, you can adjust the shooting angle as you wish. It will help to show your life from the best angle.

Portable and Extendable-

Compact and small design is always prefer to the 1st choice. The phone mount should be so flexible that it would be small in size while to pack in your luggage. OBSBOT Me is built with a foldable structure and inch interface. The features present you a portable and extendable design. OBSBOT Me is always ready to follow every moment of your splendid life.

Wide angle sensing lens – Unleash your movement

Now mobiles are equipped with a camera which can take a snap in a wide angle. This gadget also made with a wide angle sensing camera. Which will provide you a bigger visible area. You no need to restrict your movement, just be yourself.

Brushless motor- Quick and Quiet and Smooth-

With the brushless motor, OBSBOT Me gimbal has a higher starting speed and better speed control. It can always follow speed, don’t worry that you will be out of the picture.

OBSBOT Me full specification-

Size & Weight-

Unfolded size: 55*66.5*209 mm

Folded size: 68*56*139mm

Weight: Weight is very lees of this gadget. It is just 200gm

Compatible phone weight: 200± 70gm

Compatible phone width: 55-84 mm

Compatible phone thickness ≤ 10.5 mm


Mode: The battery is made with Li-polymer

Capacity: The capacity of the battery is950 mAh

Charging time: It will take 120 min to full charge.


Gimbal installation: Non-removable

Controllable Range: Pan±150°C

Structurally possible range: Pan±160°

Max control speed: 120°/s

Outer charging port and contact interface

Charging port: Type-C charging port is available.

Port (other): UNC 1/4-20 Nut Connection

Operating environment

Camera working environment temperature: 0°C-40°C

Battery charging ambient temperature: 0°C-40°C

Battery operating ambient temperature: 0°C-40°C

This is all about OBSBOT Me mobile holder. You can definitely go for this advance gadget if you have these above mentioned requirement.

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