Ziona Family Mizoram | World’s Largest Family | Mizoram Complete Tour Guide 2021

Ziona Family Mizoram: A Complete Tour Guide at Mizoram

Ziona family is a popular family in Mizoram. I will explain one by all the details about these family and all the tour guide to Mizoram.

You can reach to Mizoram from Guwahati or from Silchar via Juwaii. If you are coming from Shillong then the road distance will be more. You can go up-to Juwai from Dawki by hiring a taxi or by a shared taxi. Dawki to Silchar distance is about 191 km. Juwai to Silchar you can travel via Tata Sumo also. The fare per person will be around 300-350 INR. Or else you can to Aizawl from Silchar by hiring a Tata sumo. The distance between these two places is 173 km. Fare person will take 450 INR. It is not possible to Aizawl from Dawki within a single day via road. So, for that one you need to stay one night at Silchar.

To entering at Mizoram for the foreigner, they need to follow some rules and regulation at the check post. At this check post they need to enter their name and details. If you are a foreigner then you need take FRO entry, but if for Indian Inner Line Permit (ILP) is enough to enter Mizoram. The overall process for the foreigner is very easy. If they show Passport, they got the permit. But for Indian this process is somewhat hectic.

To apply ILP they need to give one copy of photo and with this photo they need to fill a permission form and then submit to the check post. But for the foreigner, they can just enter their name by showing their passport. This part is for entering process to Mizoram. Now we will cover the places how you visit and what are the places to visit.

After reaching to Aizawl you can hire a vehicle to complete your whole tour to Mizoram. And this will be best choice for you. Without any hectic you can complete your tour. In this way overall cost will be less. The tour can be completed within 5-6 days. For hiring a vehicle you have to pay 19-20 INR per km and for driver 800 INR per day.

Aizawl to Reiek peak distance is around 30 km. And then Reiek peak to Serlui River another 6 km. The distance from Serlui River to Falkawn Ethnic village is 16 km and from there to Moonfang is about 52 km.

1st Day- On the very first day, you will first trek to Reiek peak, then cross the Serlui River and after that visit to Falkawn Ethnic village and spend the night at Moonfang. To stay at Moonfang, the government guest houses are available. Rent is 300 per room and two persons can stay in a single room.

2nd Day- After visiting Moonfang orange garden, you can visit to Ventwang Waterfall. This is the largest water in Mizoram. Next to Ventwang waterfall you will find Tuirihian waterfall. Then go to Champhai. It is not possible to reach Champhai on the same day. On the way you can stay at Saitlaw. Here also government guest houses are available.

3rd Day- As per the Guinness world record, the world’s largest family “Zionas Family” is staying at Champai. After visiting this place then you can go to Zokhawthar, which is 27 km from Champai.

After taking the permission from Zokhawthar Barder go to RIhkhadwar village. From there visit to Rih Dil lake. Which is a very beautiful lake in Mizoram.

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4th Day- On the way back from Champhai, you can visit to Saitul. 7 km from Saitul, there is another lake in Mizoram named Tamdil. Saitul has Mizoram tourism department cottage. You stay at night over there. Saitul to Aizawl journey takes around 3 hours.

5th Day- You can visit to Phawngpui national park.

This is a complete tour details for 5 days. Within these 5 days you can cover most of the popular places in Mizoram.

The places you can visit at Mizoram-

  1. Reiek Peak- The distance of Reiek peak from Aizawl is 30 km and the height of this lake is more than 5000 feet. On the way to Reiek lake, must visit to Tiawng River. The road to Reiek peak is fully covered with green trees.

2. Serlui River- It is around 6 km from Reiek peak. It is also a famous place to visit in Mizoram.

3. Falkawn Ethnic Village-  The peoples in this village still carry the memory of the former men. If you visit this place, you will be pleased to see their culture, lifestyle they maintain.

4. Hmuifang- Hmuifang is a popular hill station in Mizoram. You have to go Reiek peak to Aizawl to Hmuifang. The distance from Aizawl to Hmuifang is 50 km. Hmuifang is completely surrounded by mountains. There are lots of orange groves at Hmuifang. The people of Hmuifang are very nice. There is a government guest house to stay ta Hmuifang. Excellent environment over there you can really enjoy this place.

5. Thanzowal- Thanzowan Mizo is the centre of weaving industry. So colourful dresses are prepared here.

6. Ventwang Waterfall- It is situated 6 km away from Thanzowa. This this is largest waterfall ventang in Mizoram.

7. Turihian waterfall- It is just nearer to Ventang waterfall. You can cover this place as well.

8. Champhai- Champhai town is the district headquarters. The whole valley is completely surrounded by mountains of Myanmar. The most of the flat lands of Mizoram are in Champhai. Champhai provides all the rice for Mizoram. Champhai’s grapes are so famous here.

9. Zokhawthar villegae- This is also a famous place to visit here. It is only 27km away from Champhai. This village is situated at Mizoram broader.

10. Rih Dil Lake- After taking the permission pass from Zokhawthar Broader you can go to Rihkhawar village in Myanmar. River floating in between. Mizoram is one side of the River and other side is Myanmar. Rih Dil Lake is only 3 km from Zokhawthar Broader. This lake is situated in this village. This is so much beautiful lake.

Ziona family Mizoram

11. Tamdil lake- Tamdil lake is about 7 km from Saitul.

12. Ziona family Mizoram- The largest family in the world already break the Guinness world record is in Mizoram. The gentleman has 39 marriage. This man has 89 sons and daughters and 85 grandchildren. The most surprising thing is that they all staying all together under one roof. Staying together.

13. Phawngpui National Park- From Muifung, the Phawngpui National Park is about to 261 km.

14. Aizawl- Aizawl is the capital of Mizoram. It is a car horn free city. You can see there is a flower garden in front of every house. Aizawl is strangely beautiful city.

This is all about the Ziona family Mizoram as well a complete tour guide to Mizoram. I think these all the information will be helpful to you before planning to Ziona family Mizoram and other places to Mizoram.

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