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Focus Timer Review:

Now a days we all suffer from some form of attention deficit. Attention has become more valuable than time and distracted is the new busy. Focus timer is an adjustable hourglass that helps you reclaim your time and attention.

If you’ve ever set aside an hour or even a day to work on something important but didn’t make much progress it’s likely that procrastination wasn’t to blame. Its lack of focus. The most powerful antidote developer found is time blocking. The practice of setting aside a specific amount of time to work on a single task. Focus timer supports this kind of deep work so you can make progress on your most important projects. The devices developer use to measure time can actually change our experience of it. So they have started with the calm feeling of an hourglass and built on it to help you be more productive during creative work sessions.

How Focus Timer Does Work?

Focus timer has no moving parts instead developer uses a digital compass and accelerometer to adjust the time by turning the device itself in space. Each blue ring is a minute. Yellow rings are 10 minutes each. All the way up to 100. So you can adjust the time depending on the task at hand or when your next meeting is. A tilt sensor lets it flip like an hourglass. Creating a productivity ritual that’s tactile and kinaesthetic, reinforcing your internal commitment to the project at hand. When your session is complete it alerts you with a pleasant chime. Which also serves as positive reinforcement for time well spent.

focus timer

Time is invisible but it doesn’t have to be. There’s something powerful about visualizing time in an ambient way. It allows you to maintain a sense of how much time there is without interrupting your train of thought. Developer have been working on this passion project for two years. Now getting input from beta testers and thought leaders in the productivity space along the way and it truly benefits their work sessions. Developer look forward to getting it out in the world and hearing what it helps you create.

Focus Timer Spec:

The device measures just 3.8 by 2 inches, so it is too small to keep in a external pouch on your backpack for travelling with your at school, office or anywhere. It runs with help of a USB rechargeable battery, so that you can just plug it in using any of your charging cables when it needs a recharge.

Focus Timer Price:

Recently a Kickstarter campaign is going on. And you can get this product by $69 only.

To buy Focus Timer Online : Check it out

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