Nebia Bidets: Ultra-Thin Design, Adjustable Stainless-steel nozzle | Price $549

Nebia Bidets Review:

Nebia creators of the world’s most innovative and sustainable shower systems. Now the company is bringing their advanced spray technology to an entirely new category. Introducing Nebia bidets developer launching two new products. The top of the line nebby electronic bidet seat and the Nebia Bidet attachment. Their electronic bidet is packed with premium features and an ultra-thin design.

The adjustable stainless-steel nozzle delivers endless warm water with customizable pressure and temperature settings. While the heated seat and warm air dryer take your comfort to the next level of bidet attachment slides beneath your existing toilet seat delivering a custom cleansing. Nebula spray at an affordable price point, even better. Both designs are made with recycled plastic components. A first in the industry the days have been around since the 16th century and are common in many countries.

Nebia Bidets Environmental Concern Data:

Let’s face it cleaning ourselves with paper is messy unsanitary and really bad for the environment. Americans consume and hoard more toilet paper per person than anywhere in the world using over 35 billion rolls of toilet paper, cutting down 15 million trees and wasting nearly 500 billion gallons of water in production each year. There is a better solution, one that’s not only better for you but better for the planet too we think. So, think about a mess on your car. You wouldn’t wipe it with paper. You clean it with water hello. When it comes to your body bidets offer a truly aha moment.

Nebia Bidets Features:

The nebby electronic bidet features an ultra-thin design with a sleek magnetic remote, an adjustable stainless-steel nozzle with endless warm water, customizable water pressure and temperature a heated seat and dryer. A simple install with a quick release removal for easy cleaning. If you’re not ready for the full luxury experience then you’ve got to try everyday attachment. It includes custom spray technology. It’s easy to use takes just minutes to install and is the perfect introduction to life-changing experience that is washing with water. So, developer just installed bidet by Nebia. You just sit there you do your business. You turn it on and kabushka. This is going to drastically reduce the amount of toilet paper.

The quick facts of Nebia Bidets:

Nebia Electronic Bidet Seat-

Gentle Close lid.

Seat sensor (only works when seated).

An adjustable stainless-steel nozzle.

Air dryer.

A heated seat.

An ultra-thin design-

One of the thinnest in the industry.

An adjustable stainless-steel nozzle-

With endless warm water, customizable water pressure and temperature.

A simple install-

With a quick-release removal for easy cleaning.

Wireless programmable remote-

Designed with intuitive features and includes a magnetic dock.

Nebia Bidet Attachment-

Aluminum knobs.

Made from 65% recycle plastic.

Adjustable nozzle.

Precision nozzle adjustable.

Two versions-

Dual temperature and ambient.

Adjustable water pressure-

From light to strong with a custom Nebia spray.

Precision Nozzle adjuster-

For front and rear wash.

A simple install-

And adjustable for easy toilet fit.

Nebia Bidets Specification:

Dimensions (L*W*H) – 20.7” *15” *3.9”/52.6cm*38.1cm*9.9cm

Weight – 8.7 lb / 3.9 kg

Power voltage / Frequency: 120V /60 Hz

Max Power Consumption – 1470 W

Power cord length – 47.24” / 119.98 cm

Nebia Bidets Price:

If you wish to buy this product, then you have to pay $549.

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