AI-Powered Multifunctioning HUENIT Robotic Arm Price $599

HUENIT Robotic Arm Review:

HUENIT is a modular robot arm designed to utilize AI, 3D, laser, and robotics easily and quickly.  Using HUENIT, you can make all the ideas you imagine into reality.

Robotics technology now a days penetrating in our daily life tremendously. From simple design preparation to 3D printing, any automobile work, like everywhere robotics technology helps up is such a high level. We can’t imagine now that what will come in future. Today, the idea of electric cars, surfboards and dancing robots is more of a reality than a vision.

On continuation of this today I will discuss about the AI-Powered HUENIT 3D printer. HUENIT is an artificial intelligence robot designed to use 3D printing technology, lasers, robotics, and a smart camera to easily and quickly help you with tiring daily tasks. You’ll be amazed at how much technology is packed into this cool kid. HUENIT 3D printer will be available in 2-6 colors.

HUENIT 3D printer Features:

Robot arm with high precision

This 3D printer works quickly, precisely, and quietly. This operating speed is much higher compare to the other 3D printers available in the market. This printer can lift up to 750 gm of material and move at a speed max up to 500 mm/sec.

The artificial intelligence camera unit

The artificial intelligence camera unit equipped with RISK-V built-in 64-bit processors and artificial intelligence accelerators supports real-time imaging and even voice analysis through a built-in microphone. It is capable of a variety of artificial intelligence techniques such as face recognition, image classification, object analysis, line tracking, color analysis, human division and so on.

HUENIT Robotic Arm Price2

You can easily create your own artificial intelligence models with simple photo data. A variety of well-trained artificial intelligence models are also available. The artificial intelligence camera can work alone and can therefore be connected to open source software such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and HUENIT via a UART port.

Laser Engraving & Cutting

The powerful laser (2500mW) with automatic cooling system is capable of cutting and digging various materials. Use a laser unit to create your own artwork. Material: MDF / Balsa / Paper / Wood / Material / Leather / Plywood / Foam paper / Anodized aluminum etc.

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3D printing with Auto-leveling

Do not waste time leveling the bed anymore! The automatic leveling function of the HUENIT 3D printer unit makes it easy to start 3D printing. The 3D printer unit has a 40W heater and dual cooling system and can use PLA, ABS and TPU wires.


HUENIT has a built-in vacuum pump in your body so you can connect instantly without any additional connection. You can also rotate 180 degrees with a built-in servomotor.

HUENIT Robotic Arm Price1

Pen holder

Using the pen holder unit, the HUENIT can work with colorful pens. Use it to draw attractive paintings or calligraphy.

Creator module 

HUENIT also offers custom modules for users. Design your own units with creative ideas.

Auto Tool Change 

HUENIT can replace the unit itself using an electromagnet. Using automatic tool change, HUENIT can handle the workload of 2 ~ 3 standard robot arms. Constantly produce laser engraving products or drawings using the HUENIT pen holder.

Easy Tool replacement

It is easy to change the tools manually.

Easy-to-use SW & Touch Display

The software makes it easy to control all HUENIT functions. It can be developed with block coding, python, Arduino C ++ and G-code.

It is also easy to connect to an Arduino or Raspberry Pi via UART communication.

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WiFi & Bluetooth

HUENIT supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to easily connect to your mobile phones. Create IoT functions via the web or control the robot wirelessly via Bluetooth.

HUENIT Robotic Arm Price3

HUENIT Robotic arm specification

Robot Arm

Axis – 4

Payload – 750 gm max

Reach – 390 mm (without module)

Repeatability – 0.05 mm

Precision – 0.1 mm

Speed – 500 mm/s max

Power supply – 100V -240V, 50/60 Hz

Power in – DC 24 V

Port – DC in, SD card, External Steppr, UART, 24V output, USB-C

Communication – USB/UART/WIFI/Bluetooth

OS- Windows, MacOS, Chromebook

AI camera

Processor – Kendryte K210, 400 Mhz, 64-bit Dual core (RISC-V)

Image sensor – 2.0 MP

Display – 2.4 inch touch display

LED matrix – 6*10 RGB LED*60


Power – 2500mW

Materials – MDF/Balsa/Paper/Wood/Fabric/Plastic/Leather/Poywood/Foam paper/Anodized aluminium

Max cutting depth – 8 mm

Working range – R425 mm * 220°

3D printer

Hot-end power – 40 W

Materials – PLA/ABS/TPU

Build volume – Default mode (150*150*200 mm), Extended mode R425 mm*220°.

Resolution – 0.1 mm


Rotation angle – 180°

Cup size – 5 mm, 10 mm and 15 mm

Pen holder

Pen diameter – Support any pens under 15 mm in diameter

Creator mode

Connecting hole – M3 bolt hole *4

Port – UART/24V/5V

HUENIT Robotic arm Price:

HUENIT robotic arm price is $599 in global market. The price of HUENIT robotic arm in India is Rs 44528 only.

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