HYPERBELL : 3 in 1 Dumbbell Converter : Important Spec Feature – 2021

HYPERBELL Review: The Dumbbell Revolution

Doing workout daily will help to improve your body strength, lung capacity, good blood circulation and ultimately the refreshment of your mind. Peoples used to go gym or else purchase instruments to do work out in their home. They generally invested to buy instruments like plates, curl bars, kettle bells and mackbells. Now, you no need to buy all those. HYPERBELL is here to help you. It is designed to maximize your workout, with minimizing the workout space and money you spend. HYPERBELL transforms your weights into a charged gym. Do workouts more and fit more.

Do not stick to doing the same exercises over and over again. Open the entire gym with HYPERBELL. Think of it as a Swiss Army knife for your gym. The kettlebell handle and bar are interchangeable so you can quickly switch them in and out to maximize your workout, change exercises and get better results.

How does it works?

HYPERBELL is so simple and easy to use. It clamps on almost any dumbbell (or adjustable dumbbell) within few seconds. When using kettlebell handle, you can hold it parallel to the dumbbell for exercises such as cleansing, or you can lock in a perpendicular position for swings. No more hitting the dumbbell in the legs while making swings.

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Several key features are introduced on this advanced HYPERBELL. That’s why it is now more attractable to the people who like to do workout. Now I will discuss one by one features available in HYPERBELL. It has been built to be as strong as, so you can scroll through, track, and drop it. It is covered and redesigned to withstand all the workouts. Each clamp can hold up to 100 kg, which means that the kettle bell mount can hold up to 100 kg and the rod can hold up to 200 kg. That’s means 100 kg on each side.

From the rubber hex dumbbells to Bowflex Select Tech and all in between, the foam inside the clamp is designed to adjust and pad for a perfect fit. However, there are some limitations. The handle width of the dumbbell must be at least 4.5 inch to fit the HYPERBELL. Most of the handle weights are approximately 6 inch wide. Some very light dumbbells can be less than 4.5 inch wide. The handle of the dumbbells needs to be less than 1.5 inch when it is thickest. HYPERBELL does not work for PowerBlock. The foam insert to the inside of the HYPERBELL covers both straight and curved dumbbells.


HYPERBELL Specification:

Ketlebell handle is made with industrial grade high quality steel bar to withstand much weight. So, you can understand how much durable it is?

The company also look into the looks. Kettlebell is covered with commercial grade rubber grips. So you can hold it properly for long time.

Quick lock collar and textured handle are installed in Kettlebell handle.

Durable frame is used in the inside of the clamps.

Dumbbells are made with high strength polymer clamp.


Three different set is available. If you want to purchase HYPERBELL, you can go any of these. Company is now giving offer on add ons. If you wants to buy then you can go any of the below mentioned-

  1. If you want to buy, Kettlebell Handle and clamp, then you have to pay $39 only.
  2. Secondly, if you wish to buy Bar and Clamp (2X), then you have to pay $99 only.
  3. The last one, they offered, Kettlebell Handle, Bar and Clamp (3X), for thse package you have to pay $129 only.

This is all about HYPERBELL. This article will help to you get all details about this product. Thank you.

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