NINU Smart Perfume Price Review | AI-enhanced | 100 scent in single bottle

NINU Smart Perfume Price Review | AI-enhanced | 100 scent in single bottle

We, almost everyone is familiar to use different kind of perfume. The choice of the smell of the perfume is quite differ from each and every one. Someone likes a soft perfume, whereas other one is familiar with a strong perfume. Today we are living in surrounded with advanced technology. So why should we keep behind from perfume. This company developed world’s first smart perfume. In this article I will discuss all about this NINU Smart perfume.

What is NINU Perfume?

The NINU perfume bottle contain a patented system that is designed to give its users the power to create their own fragrance as needed. On the inside, you can mix three different fragrance bases, which are full-bodied, to create a different scent. NINU is the world’s first smart perfume.

NINU Smart Perfume Price

NINU Smart perfume Specifications –

The physical bottle contains three custom different yet perfect fragrance bottoms inside. The precise blending system creates a variety of fragrance compositions, giving you the ability to add even the smallest fraction of a single fragrance base to the blend to change the fragrance result.

The perfume masters NINU prescribe recipes for you with two main options depending on where you are going or how you want to feel. You can choose one perfume for work and another for evening, or one of dozens of different options. Rather than having a crammed shelf of half-empty bottles, get it all done in one go.

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Enter your preferences and the NINU app will suggest a perfume to try. If that’s not enough, there’s plenty of room to play with the scent to suit your taste. When you find your fragrance, save it in your personal scent cabinet in the app.

Wearing the right fragrance for the right occasion makes all the difference. NINU monitors your sense of smell, time of day and the weather outside, and by using artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements, it suggests certain fragrances that match your current day and mood – all to fill the day with the perfect confidence-boosting fragrance. Think of NINU as the perfume maker that comes with it and makes ONLY the perfect fusion for you.

NINU Smart Perfume features –

Control tour scent with your smartphone – Whatever the scent you would like, you can simply change it with your smartphone. Just you need to customize the fragrances within the app and spritz away. It’s that so easy.

NINU Smart Perfume Price

Personalized scents – Like a tailor made suit. Forgot about being bored with your fragrance, wear a prestige tailored fragrance that fits you exactly.

AI enhanced – Tracks your scent tendencies and suggest certain scents based on time of the day, where you’re going, or even your mood.

The only fragrance bottle you will ever need – Keep the NINU for life. Only replace the recyclable cartridges: the app will let you know when anything is running low.

How it works-

NINU contains different, but complementary bases inside. A patented electronic system mixes the basics in various proportions to create dozens of variations and strengths.

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Fragrance flavour:
The following fragrance flavours are FLORA / TERRA / AURA.

NINU Smart Perfume price-

The global price of this NINU smart perfume is €159 /unit. 1 unit NINU Smart Perfume including NINU Smartphone app, one set of fragrances (3unit with 25ml) and a charging cable. Package will retail for $289/€259/£209.

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