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WASHWOW W1 Tiny Cleaning Gadget Review

Cleaning of our daily essential cloths is very much required to make ourselves healthy. To clean our cloths, we are using different types of detergents. Now a day liquid type of detergents also captured the market. These detergents are cost too much at the end of the year. How it will be, if the total cost for the detergent reduced drastically. Let’s talk about WASHWOW W1 the game-changing cleaning gadget, is capable to clean cloths, fruits, vegetables, baby bottles & toys, pet toys, kitchen utensils and personal items. So, it is great innovation with respect to clean your essentials. WASHWOW W1 redefines your way of cleaning with Water Electrolysis Technology, clean-disinfect-deodorize all in one.

Chemical free, 360° clean and disinfect, compact and portable, water electrolysis technology, cost effective, eco-friendly.

WASHWOW W1 is an innovative device for cleaning and sterilizing clothes, fruits, vegetables, baby bottles, toys, pet toys, kitchen utensils, personal items, etc. 360 degrees with the latest technology.

WASHWOW W1 key Features-

  • Detergent-free deep cleaning

WASHWOW W1 is a new and innovative household tool for everyday washing. Creates a cleaning environment like detergent and bleach by adopting the principle of electrolysis of water. It’s an alternative solution to laundry detergent and can be reused thousands of times, giving you years of chemical-free, hands-free, eco-friendly and cost-effective cleaning experience.

  • Remove stains in a breeze

Every white shirt ends up staining it. Get WASHWOW W1 at your fingertips, you won’t have to use Google stain removal guides for different stain materials. Simply soak it on your clothes and it easily removes any stains including coffee, wine, juice, sauce, ink, etc.

Not only does it remove common stains from clothes, but it can also remove stubborn stains from grease, blood, grass, urine, etc. – which you often find on the clothes of your little ones or pets.

WASHWOW W1 is also a fruit and vegetable cleaning device that can directly remove pesticide residues from their surface and disinfect, ensuring original, natural and healthy taste.

Keep the surface clean:

  • Baby and pet supplies

Children and pets love to put everything in their mouths, it is important to keep their items clean and disinfect them regularly and naturally. WASHWOW W1 ensures that pacifiers, chew toys and other supplies are clean and sterile.

  • Your personal belongings

Many of your personal belongings such as eyeglasses, necklaces, rings, etc. can be deeply cleaned with the WASHWOW W1. Soap-sized, the WASHWOW W1 is a compact and portable washing machine that you can carry wherever you go (you can also take the W1 in your carry-on on an airplane). WASHWOW W1 helps clean underwear, shirts, pants and socks in the easiest and most convenient way while traveling.


Whether you’re taking business trips, working out at the gym, traveling in your RV or camper, or enjoying outdoor adventures, WASHWOW W1 cleans and sanitizes your clothes.

  • A huge boon for sensitive skin

Do you realize how many chemicals are in laundry detergent? Take a look at the label of the bottles you use every day. It may irritate your skin and trace amounts can remain on the fabric, resulting in itching, flaking, or a rash.

WASHWOW W1 is completely chemical free. Does not release perfumes, dyes, surfactants and preservatives. It’s as effective as a cleanser but gentle on the skin and good for the environment.

  • Kills unpleasant odors

Acid ions are generated at the anode coated inside WASHWOW W1, which has antibacterial effect and deodorizing function. Any smell like sweat or mildew will be eliminated and your clothes will come out clean and smelling fresh.

  • Delivery of any thin fabric

Washing machines damage our delicate clothes, while hand washing is painful and time consuming. WASHWOW W1 combines both deep cleaning and protection and takes care of everything you need like silk, lace, fine knitting, chiffon and other lightweight fabrics, keeping their shape, look and longevity.

With a durable silicone coating, it provides abrasion and shock resistance.

  • No dye, no fade

The fibers degrade during washing, rinsing, and spinning, causing clothes to form and look dull. WASHWOW W1 effectively washes your clothes in the thinnest way to prevent fading and color loss.

  • The magic of electric water

WASHWOW W1 is specially coated with positive and negative electrodes of precious metals, which maintains a certain voltage and maintains current between them after it is energized. Electrolysis of water separates hydrogen, producing active oxygen and hypochlorous acid.

How WASHWOW W1 Cleaning Gadget works?

It uses active oxygen to quickly and effectively loosen organic dirt from your clothes and dissolve it in water. Hypochlorous acid also plays an essential role in cleaning and purification, so dust and dust mites don’t easily stick to your clothes.

WASHWOW W1 Cleaning Gadget Specification:

Model- WOW-2301

Input- 5V, 2A

KW- <24W

Net weight- 228g

Size- 84*84*65mm

WASHWOW W1 Cleaning Gadget Price –

If you wish to buy this product, then you have to pay for the Super early bird model at $59 only.

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