Why Should I Buy Full HD 2K Dell Pro Webcam WB5023 | Price of $99.99

Dell Pro Webcam WB5023 Review:

These pop-up 4K webcams are really nice and very useful, but most of the people don’t really want that level of detail just to look visible on their Zoom calls. For those people, the best choice might be a product with a very limited resolution that available at a reasonable price. Users who find a Dell 4K webcam too big for their needs, for example, will probably be better served with a Dell Pro 2K webcam instead.

Dell Pro Webcam WB5023 Features:

It’s basically a 2K resolution version of Dell’s 4K webcam, with the same tube shape and low-profile design, albeit with half the resolution, so you can get a good look at the camera without every single element. More importantly, the lower resolution of 1440p means a much more affordable price, which makes it easier to buy a new webcam for those videos that are as small as most of your working days in the office.

The Dell Pro 2K webcam records video in 1440p at 30fps using a Sony Starvis sensor, whose larger size the team says absorbs more light to produce brighter, brighter and more vivid images. It has two viewing angles, 65 and 78 degrees, with no option for the 90-degree FOV offered in the 4K format. Like all modern webcams, it relies heavily on technology to improve exposure, such as a face auto-exposure feature that automatically modifies any harsh lighting on your face to ensure your face is dominant in the frame.

Dell Pro Webcam WB5023

There’s also DOL-HDR for accurate color reproduction even in less-than-stellar lit rooms, as well as temporal and spatial noise reduction to automatically remove motion blur and ugly images in those same low-light situations. Are you interested in moving into those long video conferences? Hey, we’re sorry. Dell seems to do too, as the webcam’s AI auto-framing automatically keeps it in the center of the image, even when it’s moving in the frame.

The Dell Pro 2K Webcam does not have a built-in docking station like the 4K version. Instead, it uses a cutout in the actual body of the tank to attach the monitor, which allows the whole thing to be very compact, so you can easily slip in a bag to take anywhere. Please note that the USB cable is not removable, so you will need to make sure it fits coiled up in the same bag as well. It also has a built-in microphone, which has 10 paths and a noise reduction system, and is expected enough to capture videos with acceptable sound quality.

Dell Pro Webcam WB5023

Out of the box, it should work with the same software as the 4K model, including Skype, Google Hangouts, Cisco WebEx, FaceTime, Slack, Bluejeans, and more. It also gets certified by Microsoft Teams and Zoom, so you can expect the smoothest experience using any platform in your video meetings. Both Windows and Mac are supported.

Dell Pro Webcam WB5023 Specification :

Resolution FPS – 2K QHD/30fps; Full HD/30 fps; HD/60 fp

Diagonal Field of View – 78 degree

Zoom – 4X digital

Autofocus – Yes

HDR – Yes

Microphone – Built in noise reduction mic

Connection – USB-A (non-detachable)

Mount – Built in monitor clip with tripod mounting point

Dimensions (L*W) – 3.6 * 1.73 inches (92*44 mm)

Weight – 0.34 lbs/155 g

Software – Dell Peripheral Manager

Special Features – AI Auto Framing

Dell Pro 2K Webcam WB5023 Price:

If you wish to buy The Dell Pro 2K webcam, then you have to pay $134.99. But, not offer is there and you have to pay only $99.99.  Buy Now 

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