How to Get Dynamic Island On Android – Dynamic Spot App100% Working

100% Working Dynamic Island On Android – Dynamic Spot App

iPhone’s Dynamic  island is already here on Android and  you can actually do that to listen to music or even uh expand it to sort of  change songs as well that’s one and apart from that you can also use it for  timers. So this feature can be enabled using an app called Dynamic spot. Which  is currently available only beta in and  you have to sign up with the developer for you to actually get access to it and  from there you can change a lot of  settings of how the pop-up actually behaves.

Dynamic Island On Android1

So you can go into dimensions and change the offset position and change the offset size as well and of course change the offset rounding too. So all of that is very well done and of course it is only a matter of time before we got Dynamic Island on Android. Do you think this implementation looks as good as the iPhone 14 pro implementation? Please let me know.

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